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Holydays in Donovaly

Tourist resort Donovaly is located north of the Banska Bystrica town in the western part of the Nizke Tatry. It has excellent transport connection.

Donovaly lies on the top of the mountain pass from Banska Bystrica to Ruzomberok. This, together with the character and nature of the position (resort is located at the meeting point of two Slovak national parks) makes from Donovaly ideal center for year-around tourism.

Donovaly in 2014

Donovaly - the mountain village

The village has 153 permanent residents with area about 29km². It is made with several settlements: Sliacany, Hanesy, Misuty, Mistriky, Bully, Mociar and last parts with the most beautiful panorama called Polianka. It’s a locality of the cottage Donovaly.

Donovaly has a rich history. Settlement for the production of charcoal gradually emerged during the 17th century. Later, on their basis was founded village Donovaly in the 18th century. The first written mention is from 1702. The first hotel in its territory was built in 1936. Donovaly served as one of the center for partisan movement during the WW2. Development of the resort as a modern tourism center started in the 90s.

The village is an important crossroads of hiking trails that lead through amazing sceneries. Every year there are organized unusual “Krňačky“ race. “Krňačky” sledge is made ​​of wood without using single metal skids. Participants in the competition dress in traditional folk costumes. The most awaited event of the year is sled dog race.

2 National Parks

National Park Nizke Tatry (NAPANT) is the largest protected park in Slovakia. NAPANT was declared a national park in 1978 with a total area of ​​72,842 ha. Its highest peak is Dumbier (2043 m). From the geological point of view park consists of granite, dolomites and limestones.

Limestone bedrock created extensive 24 km long cave systems. 3 caves are publicly accessibleBystrianska, Demanovska ladová jaskyna (ice cave) and Demanovska jaskyna slobody. Every year in July is organized Hiking march of SNP through Nizke Tatry. It's a challenging 163-kilometer route between the Telgart and Spania Dolina, which also leads through Donovaly.

Velka Fatra was declared a national park relatively recently, in 2002. The area of ​​60610 ha has among the most extensive mountains of Slovakia, where preserves untouched natural environment. Through a rich geological reliefs a rare plant communities have survived. From the perspective of Donovaly is the most interesting National Nature Reservation “Harmanecka tisina” (1949), which was established to protect the Tertiary relict Taxus baccata.

Nature-educational trail Sachticka - Donovaly

It starts in the village Donovaly, approximately 100 m from the bus stop. Visitor gradually learns about the history of the village and its local nature. The entire route has a length of 11.5 km with 11 stops. It is unpretentious, during summer it is ideal for mountain biking and in winter on cross country skis.

Note: The trail is part of the marked walking trail and is linear (not circular)

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